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Don't Look, Now...
Wynlette's in the Hideyhole
It's not FAIR! -cries- NO, NO, NO!!!!

[Quoted from email from Robin, creator of Opal:

Hiya Wyn ^_^

I have found a slight problem with Opal ~ eek! ~

We have been renovating our house and just before Christmas we had the builders in so I packed up all my ponies so they would be kept safe.

I just went downstairs to get her out of the box and unfortunately, Opal's wings have been damaged :( I have no idea how it happened, she is the only pony that has any damage at all!

I will try and fix her, but she won't be 100% the same ~ if you would still like her after I have repaired her, then I will sell her at a discounted price. ^_^

I will take a picture of the damage so you can see ~ I am so upset! She is one of my favourite customs :(

The Custom Bible doesn't actually have any tutorials from me in it! I am more than happy to send you a free copy of my wing tutorial though to make up for my clumsiness with Opal

With regards to a commission, I am not actually open for commissions at the moment, but generally, a basic custom adult pony costs around £25 ~ extras such as sculpted wings or horns etc are a little more ~ it really depends on what you want!

Baby ponies are a little cheaper ^_^

I am hoping to re-open for commissions in March (ish) XD

I think I have covered everything .... !

Robin xxx


NOOOOOOOOO! -sobs- It's not FAIR! Why does Fate hate me?! She was the ONLY pony damaged!? I hate everything!

-Dives onto bed and cries into her pillows.-

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Whisper Words
Hey, Secret! I know it's been a while since I last visited you, but I've been busy and tired. I've been having this discussion/debate/argument with this jerk named Harvey and it drains me. I have to think very hard to make sure what I'm trying to say gets said... And, he thinks he's SO smart, using some sort of dry technical jargon or something... But, he's not. He's close-minded and little. ...Anyway...

So, today, I thought to check in on Opal, my custom MLP that I'll be buying as soon as I can afford her... And, I found that someone's bought her sister, Pearl! -droop- Well, I'm sure she's going to a good home... I was just hoping that I could, maybe, buy her on the paycheck after next, so they could stay together. (Maybe they aren't really sisters, but I like to think they are!) Thankfully, Robin--the girl who customized them--put Opal on hold for me, so she's not getting bought! Anyway, take a look at Pearl. Isn't she beautiful?

(Click on her picture. There are more views to be seen on her page.)

On the note of ponies.... I'm still not sure if Mom's gotten me the two I asked her for, for Christmas; Royal Twist and Lolligiggle (they can be found in my previous pony post--the first two.) She said she'd keep an eye out for them, but I haven't talked to her in a few days. Also, I don't want to ask her, because she might feel I'm nagging her about it. -sigh- Ah, well.

Changing the subject, Daddy's still been out of contact with me and it's depressing. :/ He had to go away for business without much warning. He couldn't even call me to let me know. I miss him a really, really lot. Especially when I've been having to fight so hard to defend my little side to that jerk, Harvey, so much. Daddy always makes me feel better about that stuff. Also... I have Daddy's late Christmas present all ready to send, but the post office won't accept it in the way I've packaged it. Apparently, an Express Mail envelope with a Priority Mail address sticker isn't Post Office Kosher. So, I'm wrestling with them to figure out how I can use a cardboard envelope (so the picture won't get all rumpled) to get it to him.

San has been completely unhelpful in this, saying he'll help me find a way to send it so we don't have to fold the picture... But, has he? NO. And, I wanted to mail it on Tuesday of LAST week, but here it is... Monday and it's still not been mailed. I suck. :( I hope Daddy won't be upset or hurt. I'm trying to figure out how to get it to him, but I've had no help from the stupid USPS and San says it's silly to pay $4 for a cardboard envelope. (That's what it costs to send an Express Mail thingie.)

Don't worry, though. I'll figure it out. We're sending it TOMORROW--rain, shine, sleet, hail, snow... I don't care. I want it to get to Daddy and it's gonna or I'm gonna throw a fit! No one wants that. :)

Well, I have to get back to work, Secret. Much as I'd rather stay here with you, all day. -sigh-

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Whisper Words
Hi, Secret. I know it's been, oh, a while since I last visited you, but I've been very busy with work and stuff. Then, when I get home, I'm too tired to even think about anything. I just pop in a DVD and zone out. I'm sorry, though. I don't want you to think I'm neglecting you.

Troubling things... Lately, I find myself sucking my thumb more and more. It's...very comforting. I know that I shouldn't, being an adult, but I can't help it. It's relaxing. I found this website, called Thumb-Sucking Adults that really made me feel less ashamed of myself about it... But, I dunno. I find myself getting irritable and cranky, because I can't suck my thumb at work. I have to type and that requires both thumbs... Not to mention what everyone would say to/think about me! (Though, while everyone was at lunch, I -did- suck my thumb for quite a while and it was so comforting. I felt sleepy and warm. It's hard to explain.)

And, while doing some research on adults who still suck their thumbs, I found a website that has--get ready for this--adult pacifiers. I actually found myself thinking about how much I'd love to get one or two of them! I kept thinking about how much easier it'd make things on me, at night, when I have to lie in a position that's not conducive to me falling asleep, just to suck my thumb. I always have to fall asleep on my back, unless I'm drop-dead tired. Lying on my back makes it very difficult to suck my thumb without making my arm ache. So, these pacifiers caught my eye, I'm ashamed to admit.

I like the lavender Pooh Bear one, though the Tigger's kinda cute. And, the teal one with fish--on the other page--and the one with the little pigs... I dunno. Maybe I'll get one, sometime. If I ever get money for it. I'm not sure which size I should get, though. These are the sizes they show:

I guess I'd get the Nuk 5. It's the biggest. It probably wouldn't -feel- as good as my thumb does, but it'd sure help me at night, I think. Plus, those pacifiers are so cute! -blush- Anyway, I probably should stop talking about this. I need to get back to work and being big---even though I'm having a hard time of it, today. Really rough. -little sigh- Bye, Secret.

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So, following what I did yesterday, Secret... I looked at some ponies! See, my friend Delta is a collector of ponies and she showed me to a page where I could look at all sorts! These are the ones I liked a lot! I tend to prefer the white ponies, for some reason. (Though, I didn't look through all of them, 'cause there are about a BILLION.) My favorites are the ones with the 'Pretty Patterns' that give them graduated coloring on their legs. That's so neat! Anyway, here:

PONY PARADE! :D (Two favorites are first, but the rest are just as I saw them.)

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Whisper Words
...Secret? Bad things have happened, today. I'm very sad and wish to hide in this hideyhole forever. Since I can't, I got on the computer and did some searching around for things that'd make me happy.

So, here. I'll show you.

Here are some things I found that I found awesome!

So adorable!

OMG, that bunny is so expensive, but looks very cuddly. I love the eyes and the ears. Whiskers leave a little to be desired.

...OMG. This is so awesome!

Holy SMOKeS, that is precious! XD

This is kinda sweet! :D

-drool- Not very cuddly, but VERY cute. Only way it could be cuter is if her ears were loppy. :D

...Holy shit. Ok, so, when I was little, I had these mermaid bath toys. I loved them so much. They were beautiful and floated in the water while I bathed. I would wash their hair, condition it, and brush it. Well, only one has survived after all these years, and I had to chop most of her hair off, because it was so tangled. I'd no idea what these mermaids were called, but I found her the other day...and wondered if I could ever get more. Well, I found them! (Only, they're kinda rare, now. Kenner doesn't make them, anymore, from what I can tell.) Anyway, a brief page on the Sea Wees! Click here! (By the by, my Sea Wee that I still have--with a more modern hair cut--is the Bubble Ballet Sea Wee. I think her name is Satin.) I have a friend who collects My Little Ponies... I'd love to collect Sea Wees! 'Course, it's probably not possible, since I saw some prototype HEADS for sale on eBay for, like, $70. Heh. Right.

Now, I feel a little better... But, I wish Daddy were here. -sniffle-

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That's right, Secret. I was just sitting there and, all of a sudden, I had to go. Now, Daddy likes to tease me about this. He can tell when I have to visit the Little Girls' Room, because I tend to bounce around and squirm. He told me to make a run for it. I did. But, I didn't get my panties down in time. A little leaked out.

Actually, I'm lucky I didn't soak everything. However, that wasn't enough for Daddy.

He could tell something was up by the way my face was flushed when I got back from the bathroom. He made me show him, even though I told him it was only a little accident. I can't begin to tell you how embarrassed I was as he pulled my jeans down and inspected my damp pink panties.

Now, I'd had accidents, before. Much bigger ones. I'd actually wet all over Daddy while he held me in his lap! Man, that was an ordeal. Daddy forced me into a diaper and told me I'd better not even think of taking it off. I won't relate to you how long it took for him to get it on me, or how warm my bottom was even as he powdered it for the diaper.

Afraid of getting another spanking, I wore that hateful diaper and ended up soaking it. The next morning, Daddy wanted to see, but I fought him on it. Stupid. Still! I'm a big girl. I don't need diapers. It's usually his fault I have an accident like that, anyway. He squeezes me! ...Anyway, I got another spanking for that, because he had to chase me around the room with the soaked diaper half on and half off... And, then, when he had me pinned to the bed, I had another stupid accident on the bed.


Anyway... That's much, much worse than what happened today; right? Well, sure! -chews her lip- Apparently, Daddy's had enough of my accidents, though. Because, once he saw that wet spot on my pretty pinkies, he pulled off my jeans and panties... And, diapered me, again. (It wasn't as hard to do as last time, but I didn't make it easy for him, either. At least I didn't get spanked, this time.)

Humiliation City. I'm bunkered down in my hideyhole, whispering all of this to you, Secret. If Daddy even knew I was in here, I might get in trouble. He doesn't like me having hideyholes. He had the last one filled up with concrete. But, this one is better hidden. So, don't worry about the concrete thing.

So, that was today...until Daddy fell asleep. After that, I really started thinking about things. Being treated like this...like a little girl...makes me feel funny inside. Squirmy and fluttery. So, why do I want to fight it so much?

So confused.

Also, I have secrets about Daddy. Things I'm scared of, regarding Daddy. Want to hear them?

Ok. What if Daddy doesn't really love me? What if this is all a joke? What if he abandons me after making me reliant on diapers?

Who will love me? -sniffles a little-

I hope you will, Secret. You may be my only friend.

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So.... I guess I should tell you a little about myself, since you're going to be the one to hear my most intimate details.... Right?

Well, my name is Wyn and I'm, at this moment, twenty-seven years old. That is to say, I'm a full-grown woman. -deep breath- A while ago, I met this man. In this most intimate and secret of places, my confidante, I will call him Daddy. He was--and is--a wonderfully intelligent, funny man who can make me feel as if I'm the most special girl in the whole world. It is for this reason--among others--that I have grown extremely attached to him.

He and I share similar interests. Everything we do together is consensual, which is very important for you to know.

Another important bit of information is the following: When I am here, whispering to you, I am my private self; a portion of me that few people ever see. I am sometimes fictional, but I am always real. Maybe that makes sense and maybe not. Perhaps, as time passes, you will understand.

Anyway, I have to tell you: Many times--most times, in fact--I have trouble making it to the bathroom in time. It's almost always a close-call, and I've had accidents. The part of me that resides here is embarrassed and shamed by this fact.

I have a very prominent part of me--which also resides here--that is a little girl. Perhaps two, at most, she is in constant need of love, attention, guidance and other such things. She is cute and sweet, but can be rotten and bratty. She enjoys things with a childish joy that Daddy finds irresistible.

Yes, Daddy also loves this part of me.

Armed with that knowledge, you will hear how things unfold for me--as Wynlette. You will hear how Daddy treats me. You'll hear the things I feel and the secrets that burn inside me.

I hope you're ready for it. (In a second, I'll tell you all about today.)

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