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Here We Go, Again... - Don't Look, Now...
Wynlette's in the Hideyhole
Here We Go, Again...
....I've found another pony that's available that I want.

Of-*CENSORED*-course, it's from a girl in England, and that means it'll be DOUBLE the listed price, in USD... So, I've e-mailed her, asking her about a payment plan.

A Valentine's Custom

Love Me Tender by Laura of LoveLauraLand.com

-le sigh-

UPDATE: Laura's said she'll accept a payment plan and will put Love Me Tender on hold for me!! :D (It'll be two installments of $41, I think. Guh.) Anyways, yay!

On to the things I love most about Love Me Tender: first off, her 'cutie mark' is AMAZING. When I start doing customs, I really hope to create awesome, original cutie marks like that! Second, her eyes! OMG, the detail! They look like REAL irises, with strips of colors! ALSO, they're mauve! EE! Third, her hat! OMG, the hat! SO cute! (I want to ask her where she got it!)

Worries I have: her hair. Crap. I mean, it's beautiful, yes, all done up in those fat ringlets... BUT, I'm gonna have a devil of a time keeping it that way. Also, how will they be kept so neat during the shipping process?

Only problem: I don't really care for 'colored' ponies. I like white ponies, (or, extremely pale colored ponies,) because it really sets off everything else about them. BUT, I -do- like pink. I've also found a few 'colored' ponies I like, but not many. However, she's an awesome custom and I won't let the fact that she's pink-bodied bother me!

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Hideyhole position: Work
Wynlette feels: cranky cranky

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dieplztks From: dieplztks Date: January 24th, 2007 11:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
she's beautiful.
wynlette From: wynlette Date: January 25th, 2007 03:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
Isn't she?! :D I'm hoping to get her before Valentine's Day! -beam-
dieplztks From: dieplztks Date: January 29th, 2007 07:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
That would be neato~
melorianwilde From: melorianwilde Date: January 25th, 2007 06:40 am (UTC) (Link)
omfg!!! that pony is extremely astounding ..i loveee the locks too
wynlette From: wynlette Date: January 25th, 2007 03:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, Mel!! I'm glad you like her, too! I can't wait to have her in my home! (And, ditto on the locks! Just hope I can keep them under control. :P)
5 Whispers - or - Whisper Words